Trips & Excursions

At GDGPSK, we strive for an expanding and challenging facet to our children’s experiences in School. We hope that each day becomes a rich one, never boring and always impactful! The Word ; ‘excursion’ brings a smile of expectation and curiosity to each young scholar.

A Goenkan excursion calls for a redefinition of what a school activity is. While each excursion, academic or extra, must give an experience, each small piece of interaction must build into a larger mosaic of understanding.

Day trips to various places are conducted to give the real life exposure to students at factories, institutions etc.

Overnight excursions are also undertaken to places like Agra, Jaipur, Nainital, Jim Corbert Park and Rishikesh. These trips inculcate the spirit and quest for adventure and camaraderie.