Art & Craft

A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind - Eugene Ionesco

Art is important for the development of individual and societies. Art enables individuals to imagine novel, productive, and fulfilling solutions to the challenges humanity faces. If you pause reading this and take a look around, what you notice is not the structures, but pieces of art – whether they are pictures, paintings, crafts, decorative items, or an aesthetically made piece of furniture. It is the art that touches our hearts and souls and turns the mundane into magnificent. Art makes the magic in our lives. If art is so essential to make the world a joy to live in, training for it must start with children. Art helps students to better understand the concepts taught in the school, and improves their memory. More importantly, they learn to reflect on the larger and broader issues that affect humanity, and make a connection with one another and with the nature. That connection is essential for building a better world.The benefits of art education do not stop in the classroom or at the school. Art not only develops students, but also helps them to become better employees and entrepreneurs. Not other example illustrates this better than Apple, whose founder Steve Jobs created the organization, not to make technical products, but to create pieces of art that people around the world can admire, appreciate, and adopt to improve their daily lives. Businesses around the world are realizing that integrating the imagination developed through an arts education and the knowledge of technology education is the key to success.

As we teach art to the students, we should remember to focus not on the output they produce in the form of pictures, photographs, skits, poems, and crafts; instead, we should focus on how art is transforming them into better humans. It is through such process that noble souls arise and leave a legacy for us, as well as the future generations to rejoice.